The “Time Out for Women” event in Rochester this past week-end was incredible! The “prelude” – Friday and the chance to visit Church History sites with other team members and with Michael Wilcox as our teacher… Unforgettable. One of those opportunities in life that you can hardly believe you were able to experience. Oh my . . . . The Sacred Grove, the log home, the frame home, seeing the beautiful Palmyra Temple (which Leanne and I had the privilege of going through several years ago), the Hill Cumorah, and the Peter Whitmer farm . . . ALL that Michael shared with us was so deeply moving, and so sacred. And then: TOFW! Fantastic! Such enthusiastic, kind women from “all over the area!” I wish I could remember the names of all whom I talked to, including a nurse who was converted as she was helping with a delivery!… and she’s from Wales – from the same area where my Grandpa and other relatives were born!! I met returned missionaries who were in the MTC when I was serving and teaching there (that is always such a happifying thing!!). I got to dance with Zandra again, accompanied by Mercy River! And yes… I had the worst allergies I’ve had in months… and everyone was SO forgiving and understanding as I went through the Kleenex as I shared my message (it almost felt wrong to say, at the end: “I am well if you are well,” feeling as miserable as I did, ha ha). THANK YOU for your kindness and warm welcome!!

I have to add that this was the “final act” of the MEE and Alan SOCK SHOW… Alan has received a new opportunity at Southern Virginia University, so he won’t be coming to more TOFW events. SORROW! But Alan: I’ll keep wearing crazy socks on Saturdays at TOFW, and I’ll be missing you!!