Has fishing season begun? I don’t keep track of that anymore, but it seems like it’s time. One of the happy memories of my childhood was going fishing with my Daddy. We got to use “Uncle Leo’s” boat. He built it himself. He was a fantastic carpenter, and his “shop” was right across the street from us, in a lot behind a home. Once when Mom let me build a high-jump pit in part of her garden (I was preparing for the Olympics), I hauled many loads of sawdust from Uncle Leo’s shop in our little red wagon. I loved the smell of the lumber and the sound of the saw. When Uncle Leo built the boat, he carved a “head” to put on the front. He kept the boat at Navajo Lake. Several families in our neighborhood had gone together to build a little cabin (and I’m not kidding when I call it “rustic”). But oh the happy times when we got in Uncle Leo’s boat to go fishing. I caught a trout once, and it thrilled me to have Daddy be so proud of me.


The other day I saw a video (yes, on YouTube) of a great fisher… an OSPREY. And this mighty fisher goes after a trout. It’s an amazing video. Turn on your sound, because the narration helps to make it so fascinating. Enjoy!!   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yQOVcP67zFM