Some wonderful news came to my attention yesterday, and it’s “sharing time” right now. My home teachers are John and Teri (husband and wife), and I love them SO MUCH! They could be on the cover of the Ensign as an ideal home teaching team. And they’re kind and wonderful to everyone, not just to me. (But I think I’m really their favorite….) They’ve brought tomatoes and apples to our stake religion class (yummy things they’ve grown themselves), and they bring a happy spirit as well. Yesterday in class we were talking about – sharing ideas and experiences about – “more purpose in prayer” (from Hymn # 131: “More Holiness Give Me,” which is our theme for this “semester”). Teri also knows about our “porch stuff” on this Blog. Well, John went out and bought 2 rocking chairs for their porch!! (This isn’t a picture of their porch… it’s too dark right now for me to take a picture… but you can bet I’m going to go over there and “try them out!”). They said it’s so WONDERFUL to go out early in the morning. A beautiful, peaceful place to pray, to ponder, and just to ENJOY. And they see people! People out walking, some of whom visit a bit. Well, this is exceedingly happifying to me! I feel so excited that it really DOES make a sweet difference in our day (and our lives) to do some “porching.” It works!! (And I hope I haven’t embarrassed them or anything … I’d PERISH if they asked to be switched and quit being my home teachers!!!)



9 thoughts on “PORCH UPDATE

  1. Melon, you are too cute! Yes, your porching blogs brought back so many memories that John and I went out and bought those exact same rockers in that picture!! We have used our porch more in the past few months than in the 20 years we’ve lived in this home. We love you so much and the inspiration that exudes from you. You can bet my prayers last evening and this morning were more earnest and purposeful. (And on my porch.) *wink*

  2. I am a faithful “porch sitter”. We just left a beautiful porch in Bend, OR. I like the backyard patio sitting but being out front and visiting with neighbors etc is really where my heart is! We now live in Mesa, AZ. We have a couple of chairs out front but it is HOT during the summer. We have enjoyed sitting in a shaded patio out back looking over the pretty water. Now the weather is changing ( just a tad) I am excited to spend a bit of time out front again seeing the neighborhood wake up from the summer hibernation. Thank you for this fun article. Your home teachers sounds like true friends!

  3. What a great idea. Too bad we do not have a porch, but do have a deck. My neighbor comes with her two big dogs and we do sit in the garage, and sometimes one or two other neighbor would join us.

  4. Awwwww! I’m so glad that your home teachers are doing such a fabulous job. Thank you for loving them! They’re my parents and I sure do love them! I’m excited to visit someday soon and see their new porch rocking chairs. 🙂

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