Most of us would like more time to sit on the porch alone, just thinking, pondering, and being quiet.  Maybe our porch is situated in such a way that we can even pray while we’re there.  For those of you who haven’t yet joined our “PORCHING” conversations, you might want to go back and take a look at some of the first postings about PORCHES.  Things on the Blog are organized in categories, so you can just click on PORCHES and get caught up with what we’ve been talking about so far. You’ll notice that we’re talking less about actual porches than we are about what seems to be missing now – so many have shared memories of porches from years gone by when family, friends and neighbors would gather for visiting and for just being together.  When we talk about “PORCHING” (and some of the other words we manufactured), we just mean that we feel we’re missing lots of meaningful conversations.


Today I want to share some ideas for when you’re “porching” by yourself.  Taking time, making time, for doing some thinking and perhaps even some self-evaluating. You can create a “porch experience” almost anywhere. I’m going to share some questions you might ask yourself.  I’m going to try to make myself stop before I’ve listed 50 or 100 … I do get carried away.  I think it’s better to choose even ONE question and just ponder it – go over it in your mind and be honest with the answers you come up with for yourself.  If you have a good friend – someone you trust and are comfortable with – you might ask questions to each other.  (Which kind of reminds me of “companion inventory” when you’re serving a mission).


So see what you think (THINK), and enjoy some time for yourself (if you can manage such a treat in your particular season of life).  If you can “pull it off,” savor the silence, even if it’s just for a few minutes.


Let the Spirit whisper “sweet somethings” to you. Discover some things which have been on your mind and in your heart which you’ve not yet had a chance to bring to your conscious attention.  ENJOY!


Am I comfortable alone?   Am I content with who I am and who I’m becoming?  Am I an encourager for others?


Could I become more optimistic?  Are there things I haven’t expressed gratitude for in too long (not just to Heavenly Father, but to others)?


Am I too critical?  Am I preaching anything that I’m not living myself?  Am I good at following up on plans and goals I make?


Do I help others succeed (and feel successful)?  Am I holding any grudges that I need to let go of?  Am I kind enough to myself?


Am I able to say “no” when I need to?  Do I do a lot of rationalizing?  How’s my relationship with my Heavenly Father?


How often do I have a meaningful conversation with others? Can I tell when enough IS enough?  Is there anything I can do to have more personal peace?







4 thoughts on “PORCH QUESTIONS

  1. A great list of questions to ponder. I need to write them down and ponder them all. One at a time. I can see this will take some time just ponderizing the first 2. Thanks

    • You made MEE laugh!! I’m having a great time with Mary, Dexter and Cole. Frank said you’ll be in St. George for Thanksgiving; have a wonderful time. I’m praying for you still and love you SO MUCH

  2. I posted part of my response on your Facebook page because I wanted to include pictures of some amazing “porches” I visited this year. I love this kind of “porching” where I can just sit, ponder, and enjoy all the beautiful sights and sounds. I LOVE to take my “porch feeling” with me when I travel. I’ve sat on some incredibly beautiful porches and visited with some very interesting people in my travels. When they hear I’m from Utah, religion often comes up and can be a touchy subject. There is always such a sweet spirit when we come to agree that God did a great job the day He created Zion NP, or the Grand Canyon, or whatever beautiful sunset we happen to be sharing wherever it is that we are visiting. Our appreciation of God’s handiwork is always something we can agree upon and is a good topic to get conversations going in a positive direction. I’ve met some wonderful people visiting on many of God’s beautiful porches. I LOVE that “PORCH FEELING.”
    Looking forward to sharing that “porch feeling” with MEE and some of my friends at TOFW this weekend. TOFW is one HUGE PORCH. Or at least that is how it feels to me and I love it.

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