CHRISTMAS EVE. I think we’re going to get a bunch of snow today (for a genuine “white Christmas,” but no matter what the weather is like or what’s going on in the world (including some very SAD things), this is the time when we commemorate the birth of the SAVIOR OF THE WORLD… JESUS CHRIST. Oh, what a beautiful thing it is to be reminded of Him – His life, His mission, His atoning sacrifice, His example of all that is good and pure and true and holy. I’m sharing two poems which I’ve loved and pondered for at least 30 years. They may be familiar to you, or perhaps not. Either way, let them add to your thoughts and gratitude on this CHRISTMAS EVE.


SAVIOR   (By Margery S. Stewart)

So should I, Lord, Have hung upon that cross

Which I had fashioned, year on unthinking year,

And felt the nails’ torment,

The bitter burn of thirst

And life’s slow falling loss.

Save that upon a day thou

Didst quietly take my place,

And died, thorned there, between the thieves,

While angels wept

And earth in darkness mourned

The winnowed stillness of thy holy face.

And on what desolate crosses

Men have died

Rejecting thee, thine offer and thy love…

For who is there to listen In that dark. . .

Or be in a lighted instant at his side?

For if the thief could know

He steals to build the beam

On which he will be nailed by and by,

How fiercely he would strive

To find thee past the dark deceptive dream.

The cross, compassionate Lord, was never thine

But composite of all crosses, such as mine.




It is not the heaven that thou promised me,

My Lord, that moves me to love Thee;

Nor is it the hell that I so fear

That moves me to cease sinning against Thee.

Thou movest me, Lord; it moves me to see Thee

Nailed to the cross and despised;

It moves me to see Thy body wounded;

The insults Thou suffered and Thy death move me.

Finally, Thy love moves me so much

That even if there were no heaven,

I should love Thee;

And even if there were no hell

I should fear Thee.

Thou needest not give me a reason to love Thee

For though my present hope were all despair,

As now I love Thee, I should love Thee still.





17 thoughts on “O COME LET US ADORE HIM!

  1. Merry Christmas, MEE!! Those were beautiful poems. I am wondering if you know who painted the third picture?

  2. Thank you MEE for these precious reminders of our dear Redeemer. Merry Christmas with all our Idaho snow-filled hearts,

    Jeff & Kristi

  3. Thank you for this post, with the beautiful poems and pictures. The picture of Christ hugging the little girl moved me to tears. I added it to the lock screen on my phone so I will see it over and over again each day and be reminded that He would hug me like that, if He were here.

    Merry Christmas!

    • That particular picture really touched me tenderly and deeply as well. I’ve been trying to find out who painted it. No success yet, but I’m SO thankful I found it. Thanks for your note.

      • I posted that painting on my Facebook page asking if anyone knew who painted it. A friend responded that it is David Bowman along with the following link. I hope the link works. If not, I also linked you into my Facebook entry so it is on your FB page. You can find the link in one of the responses to my post. http://davidbomanart.com/

        Merry Christmas MEE! ❤️

          • I just found the artist’s description of this painting and shared it with you on your Facebook page since I didn’t have a clue how to post it here or if that’s even possible. I hope you find it because I think you’ll like it. The more I learn about this painting and his other works, the more I love his work. Thanks for introducing it to me. Merry Christmas!

  4. I have never read either of those poems! Thank you for sharing the wonderful truths. Oh how I love my Savior. I am trying every day to be a little better……but fall short too often. Merry Christmas MEE!!

    • You never fall short in my eyes … but I know what you mean about continuing to try to be a little better. I’m glad you like the poems. Love, mee

  5. I confess, I’m not as well read as you, so I haven’t read these before. Thank you for sharing them for they have touched me deeply on this Christmas Eve as I contemplate the true meaning of Christmas and ALL that Christ did and continues to do for me. Yes, the world needs Christmas and Easter so we can all be reminded at least twice a year of what matters most. Oh that we could all remember far more often and act accordingly. Thank you for all the reminders you give throughout the year as you share the Christmas Spirit all year long here on your blog, on Facebook, and whenever I get the chance to hear you speak. You share so many things that touch my heart and give me strength to carry on. Thanks for being the “Light” you are and for finding a way to serve those of us who aren’t so fortunate to be your actual neighbors or close associates but still friends. May you have a MERRY and BLESSED CHRISTMAS!!! (And don’t you just love it when Christmas is on Sunday?) ❤️❄️☃️❤️

    • OH THANK YOU SO MUCH !!! You have helped me find something I didn’t know how to look/search for! I love this translation! And now I know who wrote it originally! THANK YOU, NANCY!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

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