Just for fun

On a train years ago there were 4 people in one compartment, facing each other.  One of the four was a very beautiful young woman.  Sitting beside her was an older woman, a little bit “over the hill.”  Across from these two women sat a decorated Army officer and beside him a young Private.  The officer was a bit obnoxious.  One time the train went through a tunnel and it was absolutely dark in the car.  Two noises were heard – a loud kiss [smooch!], and then a loud slap.  When the car came out of the tunnel, there was a big red mark on the Army officer’s face.  The older woman was thinking “Well it serves him right!”  The younger woman was thinking “Well I wonder why he kissed her instead of me!”  The Army officer was thinking “Well what do you know… the Private got the kiss and I got the slap!”  And there was only one who knew the truth of the matter:  The Private had kissed his own hand and slapped the officer!

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  1. Loved you then (mtc….first group of health missionaries arounf 1972) love you now…….Marlena Mann ..former sister Brown

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