Two amazing women (whom I consider kind friends) are doing amazing things, along with many of YOU, responding to the “call to action” during the first session of the recent General Conference (the General Women’s session on 26 March 2016), and I invite you to “check in.”  Julie Barker Farr and Maryan Myres Shumway and two whom I know about who are responding. I did a SHOUT-OUT on Maryan a little while ago, and today’s SHOUT-OUT is for Julie. I met them both when they went through the MTC with assignments in Asia as welfare services missionaries. You look back at “SHOUT-OUTS” to learn about Maryan and her incredible service “all over the world.” And I know I should be doing a SHOUT-OUT to so many more of you, but today is Julie’s turn.


And now Julie and her family have begun a magnificent labor called “Hearts Tied Together.” She’s sent several of her children – sons and daughters – as missionaries, and some have served in Asia as well (I wish I could remember where they’ve all served… but I forget things from yesterday, let alone from a while ago). I met her wonderful daughter Lindsay (who recently had a beautiful baby girl, born on Christmas Eve!), who works in the Church History Department (Global Support and Acquisitions) and was so happy to find out the “connection” with Julie. I think this is a SHOUT-OUT to the whole family! Lindsay has a lot on her Facebook just like Julie — Lindsay Farr Harper. But enough about me trying to tell you of the whole family (although I wish I could!).

I think I can tell you most about their service opportunity and to ask you to help “SPREAD THE WORD.”  Here’s what Julie wrote on her FB page:  IT’S LAUNCHED! “Hearts Tied Together” is a service opportunity providing fleece blankets to refugee children that our family has initiated. https://heartstiedtogether.wordpress.com is the address of the website. It has all the instructions you need, including tutorial to get started! There is also a Facebook page: Hearts Tied Together. Please check them out and SHARE. We have a desperate need for blankets by April 27th that are being shipped to Armenia to help Syrian refugees there, though this is going to be an ongoing project for refugees both domestic and international. Thanks, friends! Together we can make a difference by sharing the project with others to get the word out!


I hope Julie, Lindsay, and the family will forgive me for going ahead and posting this without asking them first, but even if they punish me I’m so THANKFUL for what they’re doing, and I encourage you to respond and to let others know (PLEASE), especially if you have not yet had a chance to join the “I Was a Stranger” movement (or if you’d like to do even more).  THANK YOU!

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  1. How cool! What a neat idea. I’m going to try to get this planned as our Mutual activity sometime soon!

  2. Thanks for this link, Mary Ellen! Our ward has been looking for something to do right away, and this is perfect!

  3. What a wonderful initiative! I have been wondering how I can help, given that I’m mostly homebound. This may just be what I’m looking for! 🙂

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