I might get in “Big Trouble” for posting this, because I didn’t ask for permission . . . but I’m going to do it anyway. It happified me SO MUCH! And I think it brings the sweet, powerful “spirit of Christmas” to my heart. So here goes: A SHOUT OUT to Ruth and Lisa. Ruth is our stake Primary president, and Lisa is one of her counselors. They both have a streak of FUN in them, combined with a generous amount of kindness and goodness. So on Thursday, they put on Santa hats, got some jingle bells, and went to the Post Office with 3 dozen glazed donuts!! YES! They went along (doing their “HO HO HO” thing!), passing out the donuts to all the people in the long, LONG line (we all know what it’s like at this time of year). They also shared with the P.O. workers, who, they said, acted like they couldn’t believe that there was actually someone SMILING – some SMILING going on in that place! They said it was a bunch of FUN! It makes MEE smile just thinking about everyone there and what might have been their reaction. Things like “Why didn’t I think of that?” Or “Oh what a KIND thing to do!” Or even some feelings of “I shouldn’t be so impatient and obnoxious when I’m in a long line….”  And the reason this is a SHOUT OUT is that it takes a lot of LOVE (combined with courage, kindness, and the CHILD inside) to pull off something like that. So here’s to YOU, Ruth and Lisa!! THANK YOU for shining such a happy, bright LIGHT, for being so courageous and hilarious, and for helping to spread the JOY that is Christmas!! (I think it might be INFECTIOUS! Note to those reading: Are YOU thinking of perhaps doing something similar??)






14 thoughts on “JOY IN THE POST OFFICE

  1. What a great thing to do. I’m sure you were not the only one who was happified that day!

  2. I found joy in my mailbox! (Massive grin) That came from perhaps the same post office…. Hmmmmmm. Yah, It has been a few days (kinda like a week in days haha), but every time I think of it, I can’t wipe this cheesy smile off me face. So unexpected and wonderful! Merry Christmas MEE! :@)

  3. What a wonderful, happifying story! I know this Ruth! What a fun thing to do. Bless all the Ruth’s and Lisa’s in this world that brighten our days! Now to put on my thinking cap for ways to “Light the World”.

  4. This introduced my RS lesson this morning on being “No Less Serviceable”. So many ways to spread JOY! Thank you MEE for the help! And yes, there is a place for Santa Claus in Relief Society!

  5. In Russia we made it a habit of taking a treat to all postal workers at the Rostov Post Office in the city where we lived. We either passed out large chocolate bars or the coveted Nestle Giant Ice Cream Bar. And folks accompanying us to the post office to mail a package would wonder in amazement as we were called to head of the long line and given special treatment. It was always a pleasure to do business at our post office.

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