HYMN # 197

This morning I’m sharing a hymn which I’m pretty sure I’ve never sung in any meeting. My friend Leanne pointed it out to me quite a while ago, and I love it so much!! Many of you may already be familiar with it. On the internet I found a link with a group of men singing it (with a short message before by a young woman). I’ve posted it so that you can hear the tune (in case you don’t already know it). The message is powerful, beautiful, and thought-provoking.  Enjoy!



  1. O Savior, thou who wearest A crown of piercing thorn,

The pain thou meekly bearest,   Weigh’d down by grief and scorn.

The soldiers mock and flail thee;   For drink they give thee gall;

Upon the cross they nail thee   To die, O King of all.

  1. No creature is so lowly, No sinner so depraved,

But feels thy presence holy   And thru thy love is saved.

Tho craven friends betray thee,   They feel thy love’s embrace;

The very foes who slay thee   Have access to thy grace.

  1. Thy sacrifice transcended The mortal law’s demand;

Thy mercy is extended   To ev’ry time and land.

No more can Satan harm us,   Tho long the fight may be,

Nor fear of death alarm us;  We live, O Lord, thru thee.

  1. What praises can we offer To thank thee, Lord most high?

In our place thou didst suffer;   In our place thou didst die,

By heaven’s plan appointed,   To ransom us, our King.

O Jesus, the anointed,   To thee our love we bring!


Text: Karen Lynn Davidson, b. 1943. (c) 1985 IRI

Music: Hans Leo Hassler, 1564-1612; adapted by J. S. Bach, 1685-1750


(So you’ll know how the tune goes; you’ll recognize it – A little introduction first)



4 thoughts on “HYMN # 197

  1. Dear MEE: this brought back many wonderful memories, I sang it in Germany, at a Confirmation service, in a Stadskirk, in the original German. I was part of an invited Protestant Chapel Choir, from the military base there, not a member of the Church, yet. We met the missionaries the next spring in the Stadpark, Easter Sunday, doing a ‘survey’, translating the German text to English for us. That was almost fifty years ago.

  2. Really? It’s never been sung in a meeting you’ve been in? Oh, MEE! I am so sad for you! This hymn has been one of my favourites for many, many years. (And no, the awesome alto line is not the ONLY reason why!) I love when we sing it in Church meetings. Years ago, when I was our ward’s music chairperson, I remember scheduling it as the Sacrament hymn for Easter Sunday. Now, THAT was a powerful double-whammy. (To be honest, I can’t recall whether the Easter hymns start with this one, or if it is the last ‘Sacrament hymn’ in the section. It does quite well as both, to my heart.)
    A blessed Sabbath day to you, dear MEE! ♥

    • Oh, I’d LOVE to be in a place where we sang this hymn on Easter! I think it’s well place: right at the end of the Sacrament hymns and the beginning of the Easter hymns… it “belongs” to both. And I love it that the hymn following is one with words by Elder Marion D. Hanks, one of my favorites of all time for MANY reasons. Thanks!!

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