This is a repeat from last year. But FEI convinced me that some of you DID NOT TRY HER RECIPE!! Therefore, she insisted it be posted again (sigh… or make that SNORT!) Fei likes to call it “Piggy Pudding.”  Whatever.  This is being published due to popular demand (and you might be asking “Who demanded this???”).  Fei has guarded this recipe a long time – she said it’s from an OLD “family recipe,” one which has made “HOGS” of many of us through the years.  HERE WE GO!


PIGGY/FIGGY PUDDING INGREDIENTS:  4 cans (No. 2) Figgies in light syrup / One box Figgy sauce / 3 hard-boiled Figgies, unpeeled / 2 dozen diced Figgies / 7 kippered Figgies / 4 pints Figgy juice / 4 small cans Figgy juice concentrate / 1 Tb Figgy extract / 3 boxes chocolate covered Figgies


DIRECTIONS: Remove the chocolate from the chocolate-covered Figgies and mix all the ingredients together.  Boil to a lumpy consistency.  Now remove all of the diced figgies from the mixture.  Toss it all into a large vat (if you don’t have a large enough vat, just turn your bath tub over on its side and use that).  Swish it around.  Let it solidify (and it really WILL solidify!).  Serve to as many as can stand it.  (Caution: This might reverse any tooth-whitening procedure that anyone in your party has undergone)


Good luck . . . and MERRY CHRISTMAS! Love, MEE (And IF you happen to try to make this, you MUST let MEE know!!! And you MUST send PICTURES!!! HA HA HA HA HA)



P.S. If any of you don’t know who Fei is, read about her on the main page of the Blog.  She’s right up there with MEE.  “About Fei.”  MERRY, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!



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