Dyan’s Family Reunion

This is a sweet, true, inspiring story for a Thanksgiving morning. In 2012, a Sudanese woman arrived in Fort Worth, Texas, with two little children and pregnant with another. Her husband, Dyan, couldn’t make the trip. He was unable to leave the refugee camp because they had lost their marriage papers while fleeing war. They had to find a way to prove that they were married, and that the children were indeed his. Dyan feared he would never see his family again. We can only imagine how HARD that would be! ¬†Four long years later, Dyan had finally resolved the issue, and he was cleared for travel to America. He would see his wife again, and his children, including meeting his 3 year-old for the very first time.










4 thoughts on “Dyan’s Family Reunion

  1. I loved this story! I too wept when I watched it. I want to be aware of other’s plights and needs. We are blessed beyond imagination. We have our trials but I pray that the Lord will help me to always look beyond my own “yard” and see the bigger picture around me.

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