A Tribute to Jazmyn

I didn’t know Jazmyn. I never met her or heard or read anything about her. Until yesterday. I love checking in on the blog for and about sister missionaries – “Many are called….”  And there was a notice about the death of Jazmyn June Jeppson. And for some reason it really got to me. Deeply. I hope it’s OK for me to pay a tribute to her today. What a good, amazing, sweetly influential soul!  So many will miss her SO MUCH.  I look forward to meeting her “Over There” and finding out all the good she’ll have done. Love and the hope of comfort to all of you who knew this Saint.

JAZMYN JUNE JEPPSON – June 11, 1994 – Feb 1, 2016


Our beautiful daughter, Jazmyn was called back to her Heavenly Father due to a tragic car accident, February 1, 2016. She was born June 11, 1994 in Bountiful Utah, the oldest daughter of John and Heather Jeppson. She recently returned from the Houston Texas Mission on December 16, 2015. She developed a strong passion for serving others on her mission. Jazmyn was active, vivacious, and lived life to the fullest. It was said that she had a very infectious smile and a very happy positive approach to life. She had a love for the outdoors, photography and art. She graduated from Davis High in 2012. She attended BYU-Idaho and earned her associates degree before leaving on her mission June 2014. Friends and family said she had a bright light in her eyes, she was the best of the best. She had a profound impact on everyone she met. She had phenomenal relationships that she cherished with many, both young and old.
Jazmyn will be deeply missed by her friends and family: parents, John and Heather, siblings Tyson (serving an LDS mission in Omaha NE), Kaleb and Jaden; Grandma June Howard, Grandpa and Grandma Dave and June Jeppson; and many cousins, aunts and uncles. She was preceded in death by her Grandpa Glen Howard. In lieu of flowers please donate to Jazmyn Jeppson GoFundMe account or the LDS Church Mission Fund.  True to her nature, Jazmyn kept giving to the end by being an organ donor.

Jazmyn Jeppson remembered as role model who served others, lived with gusto


WEDNESDAY , FEBRUARY 03, 2016 – 1:07 PM

FARMINGTON — After Jazmyn Jeppson was killed in a crash that followed two alleged carjackings Monday evening, the 21-year-old woman’s family holds no ill will toward the man accused of the crime, family members and friends said.  Jeff Howard, the Farmington woman’s uncle, said Jeppson’s family wants the public to know how grateful they are for the love and prayers they’ve received. “They also have a desire for everyone to heal right now,” he said.

Kaysville police say the fatal crash happened Monday, Feb. 1, in Centerville, after a man stole two vehicles and collided with Jeppson’s car while driving one of them. Jeppson was a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the oldest of four siblings, including a sister and two brothers, said Jeff Ostler, the Jeppson family’s stake president. After receiving her associate’s degree from Brigham Young University-Idaho, Jeppson served a mission in Houston, Texas, that she returned from Dec. 16, said David Francis, her ward’s bishop.  “The family has no hard feelings towards Anthony (Cruz), who crashed into her car, or his family,” said Ostler, who met with them Tuesday morning. “They have nothing but forgiveness in their hearts because that’s exactly how Jazmyn would have wanted it.”

Ostler also said Jeppson was one of the most kind, caring young women he’s known and is still giving. Her family has agreed to have her organs donated to others, he said.

Howard described his niece as a person who “took hold of life. She was always out doing things.” As soon as she got home from her mission, Jeppson would take her younger brother and sister — who are still living at home — on hikes, Howard said. “There are photos of them up in some canyon, hiking in snow and smiling,” he said.  Jeppson loved the outdoors and spent time fishing with her paternal grandfather. She also enjoyed snowmobiling. “She was one of those neat kids who was just good. Did good things and got good grades,” said Lezli Adams, who once worked with Jeppson at the former Ben Franklin store in Kaysville. Adams said Jeppson, who was attending Davis High School at the time, was an artist, “who did beautiful work. Her drawings were amazing.” The two kept in contact after the store closed, and Adams said her heart goes out to Jeppson’s family, who she describes as “a really neat family.”


Jeppson recently got a job at Stout Building Contractors in Centerville and planned to earn money to pay for more schooling, Howard said. “She had a lot of ideas and was trying to figure out what she wanted to do,” he said. On its Facebook page, Stout Building Contractors said that though Jeppson hadn’t worked for them long, the business was deeply saddened by her death. “Even though her time spent with us was short, we are all feeling the void that her absence has left in our office,” the Facebook post said. “Our thoughts and prayers go out to her family and loved ones whose lives are forever changed.” Francis said Jeppson loved to live life “with gusto.” Francis, Howard and Ostler all said she was a great example — not only to her siblings, but to others who came in contact with her.  “She represented everything good in a woman,” Ostler said. “She was the best of the best.”

AND THIS FROM JAZMYN SHORTLY BEFORE THE END OF HER MISSION. I’m so impressed (and blessed) by what she shared.


Dec 14th 2015 “Look how close that plane is!” Here it is, right in front of my face. TWO DAYS.
Have you ever looked back on a time in your life, perhaps high school, and laughed because it only seems like yesterday you were there, but yet stood still in sorrow as you recognize that time is past? A little faded and familiar? That’s how I’m feeling right now. Things already seem fuzzy. I cannot express to you how incredible this time has been, serving the Lord. I have learned so much and experienced lots.. It’s been transforming.
I’m excited for what lies ahead. And the ability to really practice what I’ve taught and learned in a more real and truer sense. I have found the greatest transformation to be my weaknesses. I know that the doctrine found in Ether 12:27 is real. My weaknesses have now become some of my greatest strengths (all are still in the refinement process).  Ask my parents, I have never been the most patient person. But with years of applying counsel and principles into my life, this sweet year and a half to really round things out, and great support and strength from God and my leaders, I’m happy to say growth has begun and the fruit is good.
The strengthening power of the atonement has become so evident in my life. I hope that as a witness of Christ I have done all that I could to share that with others. The atonement has been a powerful topic on my mission. Prepared people, once understanding the real need for the atonement, cannot deny the cleansing and strengthening power that the atonement can have in their lives. How sweet it has been to help and watch them choose to accept that. So many I have been around have willingly taken that step to follow our savior in the way that has been restored. Blessings and miracles have come because of it. Their lives and those in their family have improved greatly.
There’s is such a sweet change that happens in a person as they are learning about the gospel. I don’t quite know how to describe it but it’s rather bonding when you’re the one teaching them and trying to help them feel and understand. I’ve seen such a sweet change in those I’ve taught. I love them so much and can’t wait to continue to watch their lives blossom with the gospel and receive some of the greatest blessings the gospel has to offer in the house of the Lord.

Katie was baptized this Saturday and both her and Barbara received the gift of the Holy Ghost Sunday. What incredible steps they are taking!  I’m grateful that I have been involved in this special process in their lives at this time. I was just beaming with joy as I watched them get the gift of the Holy Ghost. I’m so proud of the steps they are taking:)

One amazing experience that took place this week is when we went to see the “A” family. We had heard that they were well fellow-shipped in the ward but we hadn’t seen them at church for a long while. We went to pay them a visit and see what was up. We shared the daily bread pattern Mormon message and that really opened a discussion about the gospel and the need for spiritual nourishment, they confessed they weren’t doing the basics. They knew they weren’t and proceeded to confide in us about their worries and doubts about the gospel. What they explained to me really opened my eyes. When we distance ourselves from God, who is Light, things become grey or fuzzy. They become unclear. I never want to allow myself to get to that point. We encouraged them and told them clearly and boldly what they needed to do if they really wanted a witness of the truthfulness of the gospel. They, thankfully, have open hearts.

Another neat growing experience for me was the opportunity to be a guide for our temple tour yesterday. Some background. You have to commit to memory 4 pages of notes about the 4 stops on the grounds of the temple, and no pressure but you have to be professional and be prepared to answer any and every question. In past temple tours I’ve been to, people have intentionally come to bash. So yes I was a bit nervous.. I practiced over and over and over again with sister Evans. We role-played things back and forth.
It was incredible though. I got to give the first tour. I was a bit nervous but my group was very cooperative and I loved seeing a few familiar faces from other areas I served in. There were a few moments where I forgot my part. My mind just went blank, so I testified of the restoration and plan of salvation. Luckily, by the spirit, I was able to remember the things which I had practiced over and over again. My favorite part was talking about the restoration and priesthood. I’ve spent 18 months getting those facts down haha.  Sister Mortensen was sweet and she told me I could be a temple square sister. I’m glad I got through it. It was neat to watch peoples wheels turning and I got to talk to a few of the investigators and answer their questions afterwards. We are lucky it stopped raining for us.

We had zone meeting this week. I just love zone meeting. We were trained on a lot of great things earlier in the week by President Mortensen. I gave the same training he did that Friday. I don’t want to boast but I really felt I gave it my all and many of the missionaries said they were moved by the training and pumped to refocus their vision and be bold and clear in their finding and teaching. It was special because I got to teach on topics I’m real passionate about.

A wonderful miracle happened today. I received an email from a recent convert as of September. It was a pleasant surprise to hear from her. While in Ponderosa we did a lot of finding in the evening and sought specific places and homes which we felt God led us to. One evening we felt prompted to knock on a specific home. We did and were welcomed back for dinner another night. We came and got to know the family well and talked about principles of the restoration and plan of salvation. I never saw that sweet family again as I was transferred but I found out today from her that she was later baptized and has been to the temple. We really don’t realize the great impact we have on others. I have found it to be so important to be a light to everyone around us and to share the gospel. Even though we don’t see immediate fruits from our efforts, they are making a difference. I’m so grateful she reached out to me!

This is kind of a long email. There is just so much stuff to share!  I’m so excited to be coming home:)  We have workshops tomorrow and a day full of instruction in the temple, then a testimony meeting and fireside at the Mortensens home.  Then Wednesday I board a plane and will be home in the afternoon. AH!  I love you all!  Merry Christmas!  See you soon!  Sister Jeppson



Jazmyn Jeppson returned from her mission on December 16, just in time to spend Christmas with her family. But, a little after a month after returning from her work serving the Lord, she was hit and killed by a man attempting to flee the police.

The “best of the best.”  That’s how some who knew Jazmyn Jeppson, 21, remembered the recently returned missionary on Tuesday, a day after she was broadsided and killed on Parrish Lane in Centerville by a man who police say was trying to get away after carjacking two vehicles. “She is pure gold. She is as sweet and as pure as they come. There is no better,” Jeff Ostler, Jeppson’s LDS stake president, said Tuesday. “She’s a special, special woman that we can all use as an example in our lives.” . . .  Despite being “heartbroken” over losing his daughter, Jeppson’s father has already forgiven Cruz, according to President Ostler. “He wants this young man and the family of this young man to know that they have no hard feelings, that they are full of forgiveness and they wish nothing but the best for this family,” he said.




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  1. I read about this also and share your feelings. I’m so glad there is a much bigger picture and that her family and loved ones know and understand that. What a blessing the truths of the gospel are! I don’t know how others cope with tragedies like this without it. I’m definitely grateful for the knowledge and understanding I’ve been given. I’m just heading to the Temple for another refresher course and feeling so very blessed.

  2. I am the recent convert who emailed Jazmyn in her last blog post. I found this tonight after thinking about her and looking for her blog to reread. I know she is still doing work on the other side.

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